50 lakh suffering from diabetes in Bangladesh

Experts call for immediate intervention to prevent the disease
Immediate intervention is needed to tackle diabetes, which is reaching epidemic proportions in developing countries like
Bangladesh, experts said yesterday. Around 20 crore people have been suffering from this non-communicable disease globally and the figure would stand at 33 crore by 2025 while 60 lakh people are diagnosed with diabetes every year, Programme Coordinator of World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) Ulrik Uldall Nielsen said at ‘Meet the Press’ programme. Diabetes is going to reach epidemic proportions in developing countries where 80 percent of all diabetic patients are living, said Ulrik quoting the statistics of World Health Organisation (WHO). The deaths from this non-communicable disease alone is equal to the total deaths from malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Diabetes Association of Bangladesh (DAB) organised the programme at its office at

Hospital with a view to disseminating information about its new projects to tackle diabetes in the country. It is estimated that 50 lakh people are suffering from diabetes in the country, but only 10 lakh patients could be provided with primary care and treatment, the speakers said. A total of 85 centres have been providing diagnostic and treatment facilities to the diabetics across the country, which is too inadequate, they said, adding that cooperation between the government and non-government organisations to address the issue properly is a must. Prof Hazera Mahtab, member of National Council, DAB, and chairperson of National Health Network, said unplanned urbanisation is causing people to do less physical activities. At the same time, increasing fast food habit is also responsible for obesity that put the people at the risk of having diabetes. DAB Secretary General M Saifuddin, Prof Liaquat Ali and Dr Tofail Ahmed were also present. World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) has extended cooperation in providing primary care, formulating a strategy and creating diabetes educators in every district town in the country.The Daily Star, Thu. April 26, 2007


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