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Subject: Appeal to Save CRP (center for the rehabilitation of the paralyzed).
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007

I guess you have known about some of the recent incidents and situations at the CRP (center for the rehabilitation for the paralyzed) in Savar by the papers by now. Many even were shocked with the news of Valerie Taylor being removed from the very organization she founded. I am calling all to show our support to a person who gave her entire life to this cause and country and to witness how we treat the true heroes.  Ms.Valaerie Taylor a dedicated British physiotherapist and a true humanitarian is in Bangladesh from 1969, working from the Chittagong hill tracts. This dreamer started CRP, feeling there is a strong need for a rehabilitation center mainly for spinal cod injuries. By the very nature of the injuries – it’s mostly poor who suffer, now a vested group is just trying to make it into a commercial hospital, which is now mostly run by national and international donations. In effort to do their deed of turning the whole organization in to a total profit making one, they already have raised the rates of every thing, even a single ride to the treatment room from the dorm on a wheel chair costs 20 taka, not very negligible to the very poor. To make their way they have taken many techniques including tampering and violating many rules of both the country and the organization. Their idea being, if Valerie is removed then there is no stop to their goal. She slowly put together this big organization where any one, no matter how rich or poor they are used to get the best and equal treatment. More than 25 years ago she started with just 4 patients, doing all the things even by her bare hands and now she is being thrown out, her very position of coordinator abolished. To top it up she is accused of hindering the activity of the very organization she herself started – we never get the irony. They accuse of recent corruption at the organization where as when they are being in charge for the past two and a half year didn’t do any thing to see into the matter, more over sacking many and promoting the ones who could be amongst the corrupt. It is  learned that only one of the four  members of the Mirpur construction the irregularity they constantly refer to, of whom only one didn’t have his term not renewed and let go without any punitive action taken against him and the rest three of the four of the Mirpur building supervisor team from CRP have their position enhanced by the very people who are accusing of the corruption. Question comes, how come in their over two year term no action is being taken? Then who is to be brought to the book? Even they can’t say Valerie is corrupt, then who is? Throwing Valerie out only by one vote, what point is trying to be made here?

In a pursuit to gather support and to create awareness against this unjust situation at this wonderful pro poor “world class” hospital – cum rehabilitation center and its various wings – physiotherapy training center, various schools and so on. A concern group of people calling them selves Save CRP Citizen’s committee had a press conference at the Dhaka Reporter’s Unity auditorium. On Tuesday, May 22, 2007, at 11:30 am.

How you can help? Well, as Valerie puts it “you never know how you might help”, in this case please read the appeal and judge for yours self and if you find any thing you may feel like endorsing then please do. It is really frustrating to witness the whole thing, an organization loosing its focus and quality. Also to see some one who did so much for this country is being treated like this by our greedy fellows. Please circulate the attached appeals to as many for the support and to bring about a fair situation to this organization which needs all our attention. We call up on you to demand a fair trail to all the incidents including the very grave recent ones, we advocate so that all the irregularities be brought to book and offenders tried. Let us all work our bit to save this organization for the poor and a visionary’s life time of work.

Every attention will matter a lot.


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9 responses to “Online Petition for Valerie Taylor & CRP

  1. Save CRP (center for the rehabilitation of the paralyzed).

  2. What is Happenning in CRP I believe it is True or at least Partially true.

    Now I can’t understand how can a Govt. which prides itself as impartial and honest don’t take any action against this henious act. Is it because the main culprit was an ex-advisor who has good terms with this Govt. ? Or any other reason?

    We all want this Humanist Valerie Reinstated to her post and honour and let the culprits brought to book.

  3. Demanding for Valerie’s reinstatement as CRP Coordinator

    We are from Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB) Chittagong Chapter the national apex body of NGOs in Bangladesh express our serious concern about the situation of the Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) and immediate reinstatement to the founder of CRP Ms Valerie Taylor to her position as Coordinator. We also demanding reconstitute the Board of Trustee through includes the dedicated humanitarian person.

    We are informed by the news media and the disturbance created by the few trustee members who nominated later and they removed Ms Valerie Taylor from her position as Coordinator. We know Ms Valerie Taylor is the founder of the CRP and till now she is working hard for the CRP. We are demanding the immediate resignation of the distrust trustee members. We also demanding eradicate ongoing mismanagement and corruption at CRP until the board member resign voluntarily and Ms Valerie Taylor is reinstated to her deserved position. Until a fresh trustee board is formed the CRP should administrated under full supervision of Ms Valerie Taylor.

    Ms Valerie Taylor who is the founder sacrificed her life for CRP and dedicated to humanitarian work and the poor people of Bangladesh should honor her dedication. The distrusted trustee members has ill motive to remove it’s founder and stop it’s humanitarian works. Lots of Bangladeshi NGOs are faced these types of crisis by the ill minded greedy people and some time the ruling party people for occupying the institution and it’s asset. As a result many humanitarian initiatives were falls down. We have seen those who are founder of the organization removed from the position assigning harassment and defames. This is also very much embarrassment position for us towards all over the humanitarian world. Because the person who comes Bangladesh for serving the poor we remove her with a nasty incident and impolitely.

    We also urged all concern, government NGO Bureau, humanitarian organization, activists and NGOs to come forward in support of Ms Valerie Taylor’s reinstatement to her post for the welfare of the physically challenged.

    S M Nazer Hossain
    Chairperson, ADAB
    Chittagong Chapter

  4. It would be matter of extreme sorrow and shame as a nation, if we failure to save CRP. The entire world will blame us as a nation of fool for this.


  5. Its a matter of sorrow that we are watching that kind of senerio where this kind of benevolent lady working for our countries disable person and we are making her such a kind of marginal person. Its a national shame. I am against this state dicision

  6. We should be with……………


  8. CRP is the truth. It will live for ever.
    MS. VALIRIE be with us.

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