The Fight to Save CRP, Cover Story on Daily Star Magazine

See the Cover Story on Daily Star Magazine:

The Fight to Save CRP

The Fight to Save CRP

The Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) has always been known to be a pioneer institute to provide quality medical care for poor paralysed patients. It has also helped thousands of people, disabled by horrible accidents, to rebuild their lives and carry on. Behind the little miracles is Valerie Taylor, a woman who, for the last 27 years, has been the inspiration and guide for these people. But internal politics has undermined Valerie’s noble mission and now threatens to change the pro-poor ethos of CRP.

Cover Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design:
Manan Murshed


3 responses to “The Fight to Save CRP, Cover Story on Daily Star Magazine

  1. Demanding for Valerie’s reinstatement as CRP Coordinator

    We are from Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB) Chittagong Chapter the national apex body of NGOs in Bangladesh express our serious concern about the situation of the Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) and immediate reinstatement to the founder of CRP Ms Valerie Taylor to her position as Coordinator. We also demanding reconstitute the Board of Trustee through includes the dedicated humanitarian person.

    We are informed by the news media and the disturbance created by the few trustee members who nominated later and they removed Ms Valerie Taylor from her position as Coordinator. We know Ms Valerie Taylor is the founder of the CRP and till now she is working hard for the CRP. We are demanding the immediate resignation of the distrust trustee members. We also demanding eradicate ongoing mismanagement and corruption at CRP until the board member resign voluntarily and Ms Valerie Taylor is reinstated to her deserved position. Until a fresh trustee board is formed the CRP should administrated under full supervision of Ms Valerie Taylor.

    Ms Valerie Taylor who is the founder sacrificed her life for CRP and dedicated to humanitarian work and the poor people of Bangladesh should honor her dedication. The distrusted trustee members has ill motive to remove it’s founder and stop it’s humanitarian works. Lots of Bangladeshi NGOs are faced these types of crisis by the ill minded greedy people and some time the ruling party people for occupying the institution and it’s asset. As a result many humanitarian initiatives were falls down. We have seen those who are founder of the organization removed from the position assigning harassment and defames. This is also very much embarrassment position for us towards all over the humanitarian world. Because the person who comes Bangladesh for serving the poor we remove her with a nasty incident and impolitely.

    We also urged all concern, government NGO Bureau, humanitarian organization, activists and NGOs to come forward in support of Ms Valerie Taylor’s reinstatement to her post for the welfare of the physically challenged.

    S M Nazer Hossain
    Chairperson, ADAB
    Chittagong Chapter

  2. The Settlement of May 1984, establishing the Trust under which CRP operates, was intended to provide treatment and wherever possible rehabilitate those who have suffered traumatic spinal injuries. These people are usually the poorest manual labourers who fall while carrying heavy loads or from trees. In recent years increasing numbers of people have been taken to CRP after road accidents. It is THESE people, the beneficiaries, often the breadwinners of their families, whom donors in Bangladesh, Britain, Canada, Germany and many other countries wish to help. And it is Valerie Taylor and her colleagues who have many times turned donors’ wishes into reality. In the present dispute it is essential that the voices of past and present patients, those for whom the Trust was set up, are heard.
    Thank you for supporting a project that Bangladesh rightly takes pride in.
    David Newell, Oxford – Oxfam Director in Bangladesh 1980-84

  3. Hello!
    When I was a Medical student then I met Mr. David newell in Cox’s Bazar, he was little known to me . I lost him. At last found here . He present me a book ” Bitter pills- written by David Newell”
    I want to communicate with David Newell. If you see this, please send me email .
    Dr.S.M. Ehteshamul Haque

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