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Official website of Ms. Valerie A Taylor has been uploaded on the web, as the website development authority says few things will be updated very soon and fittingly tailored, those will be done sooner as they get the Official website of Valerie A Taylormaterials and hopefully it will be an ongoing process. They also welcomed the visitor’s of the site for their valuable comments and words in support of Valerie Taylor on the visitor’s book.

Valerie Ann Taylor, the founder of CRP, daughter of a reverend was born in 1944. Is from Buckinghamshire, England, first came to Bangladesh then known as East Pakistan, with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in 1969 to work as a physiotherapist in Chandragona Hospital, near Chittagong. Valerie founded the CRP in 1979 in response to the desperate need for services for spinal injured patients, the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) has developed into an internationally respected organization later on.
CRP is the only organisation of its kind in Bangladesh, a country with a population of 140 million. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 10% of the population in Bangladesh are disabled.

People throughout Bangladesh are touched by the work of CRP. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) projects operate in 13 districts of the country. Accident and disability prevention programmes include research components and aim to educate vulnerable groups on safe working and living practises. Advocacy and networking activities bring CRP’s work to the attention of relevant officials and promote improved co-ordination among the many organisation with which CRP works. Awareness raising and publicity campaigns inform the population of relevant issues and attempt to break down the barriers, superstitions and stigmas which prevent disabled people from enjoying equal rights and opportunities.


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