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eduBangla.com, Education anywhere!




eduBangla.com is an idea, idea of an educational web portal – idea of a common platform for everything pertaining to the education in Bangladesh.




eduBangla is dreaming of a complete Learning Management System that will suit Bangladesh and its people. eduBangla, through its integrated learning system, want to make the whole thing possible through the Internet, web site and web based application (software). It will be a learning platform, a virtual one using modern ICT tools that we have right now or we may have in future. We can think of it as a Virtual University in which the most modern e-learning concept can be implemented, huge research must be done or continuous research must be taken to adopt the system within our country.




In addition to that the portal/idea could be:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Course Management System
  • Learning Activity Management System (LAMS)
  • Open Library
  • Wiki for Open Contents
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • System for Exam Management
  • Platform for Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Corporate Training Management System for HR development

Likewise eduBangla.com will be One Single Platform for every educational institute, researcher, research institute, student, scholars and who ever wants to learn; they can visit the site (portal) and will have unlimited resources in Bangla as well as in English. With such idea an Unlimited Educational/Learning Possibilities can be ensured.




The whole idea is the most limitless vision of learning –to be able to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime, and incorporate anything that will advance the learning goal. That e-learning process can be implemented through the Web Portal, Networked Learning Environment. A unified platform required for a true Net worked Learning Environment, such platform could enable learning communities to bring the course material/content online and access it anywhere and from any device — the Internet, wireless PDAs, mobile handset through the GPRS/EDGE or SMS and more. The learning experience can be distributed and connected, to use the full power of the Internet for education/learning. A Flash movie based e-learning system/platform in which interactive flash is to teach the thing along with Graphics, Text/Contents, Audio, Video, also some assessment system, can be distributed through CD, web or all the possible facility can be distributed through some Resource Center.




In a nutshell, eduBangla.com is sought as a platform for integrating the knowledge sector and it can become a National Grid Line for everything related to the Education. This document is only the brief of whole idea.



for more see the feature details


7 responses to “About Us

  1. To improve the livelihood status of the poor and ultra poor men, women and children including marginal farmer through undertaking various need based sustainable development programs. Through education, health services, training, and development programmes ensuring social and economical development of those who want to participate in every sphere of socio-economic development process meaningfully.

  2. Dear Mr. Zahid Hossain Khan,

    Thanks for the comments that always encourage us for doing what we are trying to do, for what are dreaming of…

    Seems you have some idea, experience in development, to improve the livelihood status of our people. We would be honor to listen some more in this regard.

    Please tell us some of your experience.

    The eduBangla.com Team

  3. Thats a good idea… If it follow its goal properly then it’ll be helpful for us…

  4. Thanks Shohag,

    We are recently updating our Portal at http://edubangla.com, please visit us sometimes.

    eduBangla.com Team

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