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eduBangla is an initiative to provide free one stop place of learning for all learners in Bangladesh (and of course elsewhere). eduBangla will do it by bringing educational institutes and resources into an online platform. We dream to make the advantages of e-learning available to the whole community for addressing the digital divide before it gets wider. eduBangla will make up-to-date learning materials available for all and will try ensuring it to be accessed by most.

The dream is undoubtedly enormous yet unutterably essential for tapping the power of IT to our benefit. For realizing its goals, eduBangla needs to have access to resources – financial, technical and educational. Donate us for implementing the idea, to build the web portal the platform of the project, to distribute the idea through Telecentres across the country.

eduBangla needs fund to build up the infrastructure.

eduBangla needs a competent team to implement the idea, and financial resource to manage them.

If you can… please help eduBangla through donation, idea and any other resources you feel fit.

Shahjahan Siraj
Mobile: +88 017 13376183


7 responses to “Donate Us

  1. Good Morning eduBangla!
    Once you are launched and have a basic platform, you will flourish….no doubt (just like from one small plant a big tree is forned. Congratulation!

    To its convenor:

    There should have some Internationally accepted easy way to receive donation. It could be through Credit Card system and/or through Moneybooker, PayPal etc. If receiving through Bank Account, Account details of the Bank must be displayed.

    Dr. A. Faruq Ahmad
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Tel: 00 359 897 230 350
    02 April, 2007

    I am interested to open 2 separate fora. The first one will deal with Primary Medical and Sanitation Care. The other one will engage itself with IT (news, trend, updates and small tips).
    This is just an idea. To realize this opinion, suggestion and active assistance are welcome.
    Dr. A. Faruq Ahmad, 17 April, 2000

  3. Thank you Dr. A. F. Ahmad for nice word to eduBangla. Hope with all your help and support we will be able to do that to fulfil our dream for our beloved Bangladesh.
    We will adopt some Internationally adopeted system to receive the donation. We have started building the first phase of the website, but for impletmenting the whole idea we need your support.

    We liked your idea, could you please tell us more… by email or by posting comments Team

  4. You may use our “e-donation” system for Bangladesh to accept donation from Credit Cards.

    It’ will be available from next month.

    Ahmed Nitul
    Executive System

  5. Shahjahan Siraj Bhai

    Nice Blog Portal

    wish you best of luck

  6. Sumit vhai,

    Thanks for the nice word. We have started working on our dream portal and having support from our friends and brothers like you. Right now we need the fund to implement the idea for our people, for Bangladesh and whoever speaks Bangla language. If you have any idea of funding to such project or if we can have access to fund or funding authority please let us know.


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