e-Healthcare / Telemedicine Services

Healthcare organizations can use the service of e-learning solutions to improve learning, increase compliance, and enhance organizational effectiveness for nurses, technicians, staff workers, physicians, and all clinical and non-clinical healthcare employees throughout the enterprise. Even health awareness can be provided through our network/portal/system to mass people, Telemedicine service can also be facilitating to this idea.


5 responses to “e-Healthcare

  1. Under Section e-health care my proposal is develop mechanism for the following matters:

    1. to create awareness of people in Bangladesh (and may people in West Bengal)
    As Bangla version (coming!) could be consumed by both in BD and WB

    for sanitation matters
    for mother-child health care
    for safe drinking water
    for general knowledge about common diseases
    for infectious diseases of endemic and epidemic character
    and others would be planned and developed

    2. online providing of free medical consultation
    A selected team of medical practitioners (specialists) all over the globe will be taken under a single umbrella for providing e-consultation (voluntary job, 100% free competent medical assistance in the respective field). The process of recruiting such volunteers is on way. We have good response so far. Just waiting confirmation of allocation for the space at web site, eduBangla and later development of the site in its preliminary form and pasting

    There will be an editorial board. And a monitoring watch-dog.

    3. And any other matters or topics would be coming in consideration and or proposed by other members in eduBangla team, from bloggers or mailers.

  2. Faruk bhai.. Great thinking.., but you have to think about the detailed format through which people will be able to communicate their problems to the consultants, and the format through which the consultants will deliver their suggestions (prescription) to the patients.. and it will be better if it can be done with some structured database which will keep the follow up of each person so that it may be used for some research related purpose as well. If it is database driven with each patient having their individual ID and all relevent background information, it will be a great resource for research, I hope. For the diagnosis related issues, at a later stage EB may enter into contact with some reliable diagnostic facilities, who will provide the necessary testing at subsidized cost and may help EB financially to sustain the service, and they may put the result of diagnosis directly to the database via web against the ID of the patient without having access to view the patient’s information. Maybe what I am saying is clear to you, maybe not.. but if we really want to sustain the type of service you have proposed, we have to foresee the future and plan accordingly. looking forward to talk to you over this issue in detail later on.

  3. This is great Dr. A.F. Ahmad, thanks for sharing such a nice thinking for eduBangla.com. As eduBangla.com is willing to provide a platform for all the thing related to the education/learning, your idea will surely have a space to provide free health consultancy and Telemedicine service through this platform. Please share us more of your thinking, we are trying to develop our site, will be open soon.

    Mr. Mosharraf has added some nice point to this idea, with a database driven system people can be traced with their record later on whoever wants to have this facility. Even Medical students may have a platform to discuss and study around. And could be huge research scope for Medical Sciences.

    With all your help eduBangla.com will implement it for the poeple. Please help us with your suggestion, thinking and with anyother way you can.

    eduBangla.com Team

  4. Thank you Brother Mosharraf from Japan for your reply with comments and suggestions. Noted them. I have some other ideas in my mind. Sorry, that I am late to reply, as I was busy.
    Hopefully by today evening or by tomorrow I shall be able to post some new thoughts.
    It is nice to learn that my raised matter created interest.
    Indeed I will need continuous support to realize these ideas.
    We are just at the beginning, so we will need a little time. This is important to communicate with many specialists of different sectors and occupations. And comments and/or suggestions in the blog will surely be very useful.
    Hope to receive your remarks. As well as your assistance to include other persons cocerned in this forum.

  5. Thank you eduBangla Team management for encouraging me. It will add me a moral booster, what I really need.
    Today (14th April), I had long online discussion with Mosharraf Bhai. We discussed many things. Out of them were:

    * Facilities available to support the project
    * free and competant medical consultation
    * how the end user (the underprivilaged from the rural Bangladesh) can achieve and utlize the resorces provided
    * how mobile providers could help us etc etc.

    I have carefully noted his points and suggestions. I may say a big THANK to Mr. Mosharraf.
    Before I post some new blogs on the topic itself, I still need to consult with some specialist at home and abroad. After receiving their opinions, hopefully I will start posting in the blog.
    I shall try to post the first one possibly today.
    Till then: Nice time plz.

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